Reward your inner child


You have to read that boring report by tomorrow noon. You need to complete that working paper for your boss. You should finally discuss face-to-face  the tense situation with your spouse or mate.   Your kitchen or your bathroom needs urgent cleaning. You would be ready to start – but there is this nagging little voice constantly asking and whining: „Why do you have to do this? You are such a bore. And by the way, I know better things to do with my time, have a better idea to spendy my money… let me have some fun instead“  That`s your inner child in full action. So often you will give in and let it have its will. Instead of the crucial talk with your mate, you decide to watch the soccer game on television; instead of finishing the report, you go out to drink beer with your best buddy; instead of cleaning the kitchen, you go shopping.  The path to success is impeded with bulky tasks and cumbersome chores. Your inner child is not at all eager to move these blocks out of your way – but this would be essential to reach your goal. Your inner child will always sabotage your success if you don`t take control and accomodate it.  Just do what you would do with any child : You promise later reward for staying « on board » with you. So what do you say to a 3-year-old in real life? You might say: „Hey, Mommy has to finish this now. But after Mommy is done, we`ll go for an ice cream or a video game.“  Your inner child is no different – when you ask it to be still, to let you finish your work, it will behave as long as it knows there is a reward at the end oft he behaving.  At some point it needs to know that it will get to play that game, go out to the movies, go shopping or play with its best buddy.  It is absolutely essential for your success in life, to reward you when you succeed. And never ever try to fool your inner child and refuse to deliver what you promised in the first place: Your inner child – like any child – will never forgive you and will definitely sabotage your efforts the next time you must complete a sour task : It will whine louder than ever, get sick, have an accident or make mistakes that cost you your promotion or even your job, so that you are forced to let got. And that will take you only further away from your path to the success you want.  Rewarding yourself for any important completed milestone or success, gives you as well a feeling of accomplishment, of moving forward, of personal progress.  And your subconscious inner child might say : Wow, succeeding is cool. Every time I get a reward.  Let`s have more of that success ». And so, your inner child is on board and moves along with you on your path to success.